On Friday 23rd March 2022, the Centre for the New Midlands featured on Liam Halligan’s ‘On the Money’ programme on GB News.

Both Chris Smith (Founder and Managing Director) and Dr Majid AlSadi (President) were welcomed to the channel’s set to discuss the Centre’s plans for how it intends to help shape a ‘new’ Midlands, as well as how the Centre intends on building stronger links internationally.

Chris Smith, Founder and Managing Director of the think tank commented,

“It was a pleasure to be invited to appear on Liam Halligan’s show, ‘On the Money’.  Liam is an extremely experienced journalist having previously led the economics and business coverage at Channel 4 News so we were delighted to be able to share our perspectives on some of the challenges facing the West Midlands, as well as to comment on some of the broader global issues such as the dismissal of 800 P&O staff”.

The interview can be found by visiting the Centre for the New Midlands YouTube channel.