Thought Leadership is a key part of our strategy to “develop and share new ideas” to create a ‘better’ Midlands for all of the region’s stakeholders, across a broad range of social and economic challenges.  We are looking for people to contribute their ideas, to either put the spotlight on a challenge/opportunity across the West Midlands or what needs to change within a specific area of public policy to build a ‘better’ region.

Why write for us?

Thought leadership articles are a great way to highlight an issue or an observation that you may have, lay out an argument and stimulate debate on a certain topic. It is a way to inform and reach a wide audience with your expertise, garnering further exposure to your cause or institution. The Centre for the New Midlands is the only independent think tank in the region, reaching thousands across the Midlands and beyond, to which your knowledge can play a valuable and impactful role.

We would advise you to read our Thought Leadership Guidance Notes before submitting your draft idea.  The notes are to ensure not only a consistent approach to our publications but to hopefully help you to shape your work.

If you wish to contribute to the conversation, please complete the form below to submit a broad outline of your concept.  Following the submission of your idea, we will be in touch to confirm next steps.  We aim to publish our articles on the first Monday of every month and our timeline is here:


Edition Deadline for articles Publication date
Dec-23 Thursday 30th November 2023 Monday 4th December 2023
Jan-24 Thursday 4th January 2024 Monday 8th January 2024
Feb-24 Thursday 1st February 2024 Monday 5th February 2024
Mar-24 Thursday 29th February 2024 Monday 4th March 2024
Apr-24 Thursday 28th March 2024 Monday 1st April 2024
May-24 Thursday 25th April 2024 Monday 29th April 2024
Jun-24 Thursday 30th May 2024 Monday 3rd June 2024
Jul-24 Thursday 27th June 2024 Monday 1st July 2024

We look forward to receiving your ideas and thank you for the interest you have shown in the Centre for the New Midlands.


Submit your draft idea on how to enhance the region:


    Please note that due to the interest in writing for us, we cannot publish all contributions but hope to share as many articles we possibly can.