Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is an experienced banking leader who has supported businesses across West Midlands for last 30 years. He is currently Head of Strategic Finance for Midlands for Virgin Money. He is well known in West Midlands vibrant Professional Services community.


He has always believed that strong businesses are essential for the prosperity of our region. Inspired by the owners and management teams of customers he has worked with, Gareth and his team’s focus is helping businesses grow stronger.

Gareth has held various leadership positions for last 15 years. He loves developing people and building teams.

He truly believes that in business people make the difference. This is Gareth’s motivation to support the Centre’s People and Skills Board. He knows the continual challenge of attracting, retaining and developing people in a rapidly changing world.

He hears every week from customers in all industries and peers in other professional services organisations that People are their number one challenge. If West Midlands is to continue to thrive in the future we need to ensure we unlock all the potential talent we have available.