Sargithan Senthilselvan is helping businesses internationally define their Industrial and Consumer Metaverse strategies. Recently he joined the TechUK’s Digital Twin steering board to provide strategic direction for all TechUK and Smart Infrastructure and Systems (SIS) activities related to elevating the adoption of digital twins through continued promotion of the opportunities for digital twin technology, as well as appropriately designed policy and regulation. Additionally, he is a member of the IPC-2551 Digital Twins committee responsible for defining international standards for digital twins. Currently, he is working with the IPC-2551 committee to define key sustainability metrics to be reported on digital twins for their upcoming whitepaper.

Sargithan Senthilselvan is working with Purdue University, West Lafayette US, to prepare the next generation smart manufacturing workforce to accelerate the digital transformation of US manufacturing industries. He is redefining a four-year BSc Program Smart Manufacturing Industrial Informatics degree which includes cloud & big data, Industrial IoT and Digital Twins. Currently, he is involved in ensuring the successful setup of Purdue’s Smart Foundry and Smart Factory projects for the upcoming semester in September 2023. As part of this journey, he is working with CESMII The Smart Manufacturing Institute to help develop and promote big data solutions for many US manufacturing industries for various key benefits, including better manufacturing capacity utilization and improve on-time delivery.

In Kagool, Sargithan Senthilselvan leads the Digital Twins and IoT space and is responsible for helping business embark on their Industrial Metaverse journey. He works with Microsoft directly to write official articles, trying out private preview product features before general release to customers and developing key solutions on the Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality headset. His work was showcased at global conferences including at GITEX (co-partnered with Microsoft UAE) as part of a tourism in Dubai strategy and LEAP (co-partnered with Microsoft Saudi Arabia) as part of their Saudi Vision 2030.

Sargithan Senthilselvan’s technical solutions focuses on a range of business benefits including training new employees with Augmented-, Virtual- and Mixed- Reality, real-time IoT data points on digital twins with Enterprise Resource Planning integration (e.g. SAP), and rapidly prototyping and building products/designs through collaboration using Mixed Reality experiences. One of his works is currently displayed across 40 Microsoft Technology Centers globally showcasing the power of data, edge computing, cloud, pushing real-time telemetries to Microsoft Azure and seamless connection with ERP systems. This solution has attracted many manufacturing customers to invest in Digital Twins and IoT technologies for training and predictive maintenance use-cases.