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Haydn Povey is Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at IAR Systems and the Founder & CEO of Secure Thingz, a company focused on developing and delivering next generation security technology into the Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected systems. In 2018 Secure Thingz was acquired by IAR Systems AB, the world leading provider of Embedded Development Tools, where he holds an executive management position.


Secure Thingz was founded on the belief that security built into the foundations of devices is inherently stronger and more robust, enabling devices to be protected from their inception, providing secure development, secure supply chains, and ultimately secure implementation and lifecycles across a myriad of applications.

Haydn is an Executive Steering member of the IoT Security Foundation, an industry group specifically set up by TechWorks, the UK’s Deep Tech Association, to drive security best practice in the IoT. Through this he has been at the forefront of defining security best practice and legislation from the UK, EU, USA, Japan, Singapore and many other nations.


Haydn has been in senior management at leading global technology companies for over 25 years, with the 10 years in senior marketing and business development roles at ARM Holdings, the leading Intellectual Property company. Haydn headed ARMs strategy and product roadmaps for Security across IoT, mobile and computing marketplaces, defining the security that resides in most mobile phones today, underpinning secure banking, transactions, and communications. Prior to owning the security portfolio, he led the development and introduction of the Cortex-M microprocessor family, which enabled the rapid adoption of 32-bit microcontroller technology around the globe that underpins billions of modern Internet of Things devices.