Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through virtually every part of our lives and almost every aspect of the economy. The impact of the pandemic is going to be profound on our communities but it does provide us with the opportunity to take stock and re-evaluate how we can do things better across our region.

Community Led Housing is a growing movement across the UK, in which people are taking action and managing housing projects to build the affordable homes that the country urgently needs. 87,000 people are members of community led housing groups; there’s been a 2121% increase in Community Land Trusts in a decade (from 14 to 311) and 6,000 community led homes are in the pipeline (

On 10th September, we hosted a webinar to explore the case for Community Led Housing and the role it could play in enhancing the housing mix across the West Midlands. The webinar also considered  what CLH means in practice; how it can be advanced as a serious proposition to enhance communities across the region as well as looking at a live example of an organisation which went from theory to practice.

Watch the full webinar: What role can Community Led Housing play in the West Midlands post COVID19?