Our Mission

Our goal is to help shape the West Midlands’ digital strategy and activities towards addressing the challenges for sustainable productivity and innovation.  We want to address the region’s digital challenges by fostering collaboration and aligning digital capabilities.  As a think tank, we will provide independent and strategic thought leadership; frameworks and high quality content in addressing today’s societal, industrial and economical challenges associated with the digital environment.

Digital Leadership Board

We are delighted to welcome experts from across the region to help shape and direct our work across a number of key themes.  Our core areas include: infrastructure, cyber security, emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, innovation, eXtended realities (XR/VR, Game Technology), Internet of Things (IoT) and complex adaptive systems.

Professor Ardavan Amini
Chair, Digital Leadership Board and Complex Adaptive Systems lead
Haydn Povey
Member of Digital Leadership Board (Internet of Things)
Alison Hurst
Member of Digital Leadership Board (Cyber Security)
Professor Bob Stone
Member of Digital Leadership Board (eXtended Realities)
Professor Sultan Mahmud
Member of Digital Leadership Board (Innovation)

We recognise that the digital environment is absolutely fundamental to the wealth and health of the nation, but that there are some significant challenges, as well as opportunities, associated with the digital world.  Digital technology is fundamentally embedded at the heart of our cities, regions and business strategies and operations – even more so as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are faced with a series of significant challenges across our society as to how we spread prosperity and enhance the quality of life for everyone in an increasingly diverse society.  Digital technologies are playing, and will continue to play, a central role in shaping the way in which we live our lives and how society develops.

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